Once upon a time there was a little metal engineering workshop

The first Bertolozzi & Cavalsani was created in 1969 in a small property in Collodi (Pistoia) by two friends who decided to open their own metal engineering workshop after having been workmates for ten years.

These friends were Piero Cavalsani and Romano Bertolozzi, born in 1944 and 1940 respectively.


In 1998 arrived their first employee, Damien Saporito, the future son-in-law of Romano and he was followed in 2003 by Marco Bini, the nephew of Piero.

These two young men, starting from scratch worked their way up, learning all the skills of working the metal, fully discovering the art of the metal engineering workshop and the versatility of the clients that it can satisfy.

Knowledge and tricks of the trade are passed down from one generation to another and are taken on board, re-elaborated and bettered by the two young men, very young but already experts.


In 2008 when the two owners retire, the story repeats itself.

Two friends, who were first of all colleagues, decide to open their own metal engineering workshop.

So Damien Saporito and Marco Bini become owners of Bertolozzi & Cavalsani snc di Saporito & Bini.


Their modern ideas, together with all the skills learnt and with the help of the latest technology makes it possible for the firm to grow and grow very quickly, so quickly in fact that after just a few years they find themselves in a much bigger workshop with a lot more staff and technologically advanced machinery and the only way to go is up.

In 2016 the firm becomes Bertolozzi & Cavalsani srl.


The firm now has an internal organization able to satisfy the requirements of today's market and is continually updating its working methods to be able to satisfy the requirements of tomorrow's market, sure of its solid base from the past but with one eye on the future.

Since 1969 we are at your service

We are present in the metal engineering sector and specialists in all types of steel and iron.